One mile at a time.

Enjoy the Silent Sport Magazine Interview of Liz Belt and Kelsy Kellerman, and when you're done check out the special offer from Silent Sport Magazine at the end of this post. You can get SSM delivered to your home for less than $1.75 an issue AND free coffee. Sound too good to be true? It's... Continue Reading →

First who, Then what

I want to share a few words. A couple weeks ago someone sent me a personal story about an injury she sustained a while back and her road to recovery. It had a happy ending, with her coming up to do the long Polar Roll-EX, and finishing it. An incredible story. Within the story was... Continue Reading →

Follow the leader

Life is good - including the stuff that isn't, or the stuff that was until it wasn't. Don't get too caught up in the highs, or go too low with the lows. Attachment to emotion and moments divide community. Memberships and labels tell others what we're for, and against. Instead of being right, strive to... Continue Reading →

FORGE: Part 1.1

forge1/fôrj/ create (a relationship or new conditions). Part 1 was written in haste. Call it an excuse, but it was my wife's birthday. I enjoy life 🤣 As we've made a habit of saying - I had to adapt, and I enjoy living 🤣❤️🔥😇 On the topic of relationships, these deserve to be shared. Taking... Continue Reading →

FORGE: Part 1

forge1/fôrj/ create (a relationship or new conditions). Marc and I were relative strangers before Project Adventrus, I'd say. Even today, some thousand miles and several months later I don't know him much better, but I trust him. Trust him so much we're going back out there in May, to finish what we started. I don't... Continue Reading →

Be better

Earlier this week... I'm sitting at the kitchen table trying to get some work done. In the distance, a disturbance. Voices raise. Someone yells. Wrestling. A loud bang. I close my laptop, clear my throat, and bellow "BOYS!". Silence. The dog looks at me. A door opens. Footsteps in the hallway and angry mumbling. They... Continue Reading →


I lost my wallet two weeks ago - and with it all of my bank cards, personal information, and some cash. I knew I should cancel my cards and replace everything but dragged my feet - convinced it would show up around the house. It didn't. Then last night Stacie calls me from the store... Continue Reading →

I had to live it to understand it.

A letter from Joel… Todd – Hope you are well, and I’m sorry you guys lost some opportunities for fundraising with the Marji not going off. I’m looking forward to next year’s event just like last year w/ a new personal challenge. It’s fitting for the Marji, and if you read this then ‘thank you’... Continue Reading →

To our limits and beyond

I want to share some things from Project Adventrus, but probably not the stuff you’d expect. We're gonna talk about Mike Tyson, chocolate chip cookies, Gordon Gearheart, and Top Gun. If you just whispered WTF, don’t worry. I did too.  Imagine you’ve set out to ride your bike more than 1,000 miles. You’ve given yourself... Continue Reading →

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