FORGE: Part 1


  1. create (a relationship or new conditions).

Marc and I were relative strangers before Project Adventrus, I’d say. Even today, some thousand miles and several months later I don’t know him much better, but I trust him. Trust him so much we’re going back out there in May, to finish what we started. I don’t know where he lives, what he likes or dislikes, his political views or where he stands on just about anything. I never asked, he never offered, and it didn’t matter. I’ve seen him under pressure, how he reacts to adversity, and I know if it comes down to it, he’ll put the needs of the group ahead of his own. Not just because he said he would, because he did.

Pedaling through the Hiawatha National Forest.

Dave (with the rope) is the ultimate support crew guy . He was with us in May, September, October, and a bunch of times in-between. He was there with his daughters, his wife, the dog, and even slept in a tent (once). For the record, he’s much more of a Holiday Inn guy. Dave is a good dude, and while he has many skills, one stands out (well, maybe two). If he says he’ll do it, he does it, and he always goes above and beyond. Dave under promises and over delivers. He’s selfless, driven, and loyal. As much as it pains me to say it – Dave is an anomaly. It only hurts because we need more Daves. I trust him. Not because of anything he said, as a result of what I’ve watched him do. Dave is a CRUSHER.

Dave – pulling his weight (and Eddie’s).

Speaking of Eddie. I think he’s number one and he feels the same about me 🤣 I dragged his ass into some shit this year. Long hours on the trail, all day(s) and night. Tough SOB. He has some stories I’m sure, but I’ve never asked, and he’s never offered, and it really doesn’t matter. If it’s gonna come out, it will, or it won’t. I’ve seen him at his best and his worst – I respect both.

I committed to write every Monday or Thursday – good, bad, or indifferent. It was tough today. Kids doing online school. Work. Stacie’s birthday. But here we are, doing it. Moving forward. I picked these three guys because we’ve forged relationships, based on behavior, not what we stand to get from each other. We’ve been in the shit together, we give shit to each other, and we don’t give a shit together. Friendship and trust tested by struggle. The way it should be.

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  1. I met Eddie right around the last Crusher checkpoint during my Crusher 100. In just talking to him a few minutes he seemed like a guy that can drag his ass thru some shit and a good guy to boot!


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