One mile at a time.

Enjoy the Silent Sport Magazine Interview of Liz Belt and Kelsy Kellerman, and when you’re done check out the special offer from Silent Sport Magazine at the end of this post. You can get SSM delivered to your home for less than $1.75 an issue AND free coffee. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Please support they magazine so stories like this one continue to be told.

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A New Way to Put BLAME TODD! to Good Use

In honor of Liz Belt’s and Kelsy Kellermann’s journey to cycle the never-before-attempted, crazy-routed, 1,600-mile path in Michigan’s UP that only Todd Poquette could map out, please enjoy “Project Adventrus.” Written by all three, “Project Adventrus” gives you their unique yet universal behind-the-scenes motivations, as featured only in the May 2021 print issue of Silent Sports Magazine.

Also, in the spirit of BLAME TODD — Silent Sports Magazine, in honor of Project Adventrus, offers you a 2-year, monthly subscription at a reduced rate of less than $1.75 per issue AND a FREE 12-oz pack of Nicolet Coffee’s newest blend: Silent Sports Coffee, regular roast, which happens to be Nicolet’s most popular blend and a $15 value. Again: FREE, including shipping. Serving a coffee-drinking Silent Sporter up to one month, your pack of gourmet Silent Sports Coffee comes freshly ground and shipped upon your order. The aroma and taste will prove themselves outstanding, in the morning, on the trail, and post-adventure, hot or iced.

All you have to do is go to, order your 2-year subscription.  At checkout, simply enter in the Coupon Code space: BLAMETODD

Then your 2-year subscription at $1.75 per issue begins and your freshly ground pack of gourmet Silent Sports Coffee will be quickly on its way absolutely FREE, you don’t need to do anything more. 

Silent Sports Magazine, in founder Greg Marr’s tradition, now offers more pages with stories found nowhere else, featuring the people, places, businesses, and events of our Silent Sports. Enjoy the Project Adventrus story by Liz, Kelsy, and Todd. We hope you will come back for more, reading unique and original stories while enjoying great coffee. For more coffee varieties or to reorder your favorite Silent Sports Coffee, visit

Now you don’t have to ascend Chunky Summit for you to say with a smile: Blame Todd! Which, as we all know, is a great thing.     

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